Motion Control Components Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Revenue, Company Analysis, Regional Insights and Forecast 2021-2030

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The global motion control components market is expected to reach at a CAGR of 6.2% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for PET bottles for mineral water, energy drinks, and many other products packaging further boosting growth of motion control components market across the globe.

Motion control components are mostly preferred for automation purposes in the tissue machine, board machine, and specialty type of paper machines. A paper machine refers to a system consists of various electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical components, which enhance its efficiency. New technology-based components such as pumps, actuators, servo motors, valves, and other motion controllers help to increase productivity ratio. The demand for high precision and accuracy-based machine components is consistently increasing from several years, attributing to maintain quality and good surface finishing of the paper.

Infrared Temperature Sensors Become Commonplace in Gluing and Preheating of Corrugated Cardboards

Position sensors are being extensively used for temperature measurement in corrugated cardboard manufacturing. Calex Electronics— a provider of high quality temperature measurement solutions is manufacturing non-contact infrared temperature sensors to meet the needs of stakeholders involved in corrugated cardboard manufacturing. Such sensors play a crucial role in preheating and gluing applications to ensure a strong bond and prevent warping.

Packaging machinery OEMs in the motion control components market are increasing the availability of straight out of the box sensors that eliminate the need for changing settings. They are producing sensors with analogue output to integrate into existing instrumentation. On the other hand, manufacturers are developing infrared temperature sensors with air/water cooled jackets and air purge collars to meet specific needs of end customers.

Smart Hydraulic Actuators Gain Prominence for High Force Applications in Carton Forming

There is a growing demand for motion control components that can be easily integrated into existing equipment. Companies in the motion control components market are adhering to common industrial networking protocols such as Modbus, Profinet, and EtherNet/IP, among others, to build their credibility in the packaging landscape. Drivers and integrated motors that support different protocols with on-board communication ports, sans the need for external gateways, are being preferred by packaging companies.

Manufacturers are increasing their production capacities in actuators where high force, precision, and minimal maintenance are required in the packaging industry. For instance, Kyntronics— a hydraulic equipment supplier in Solon, Ohio, is increasing its marketing capabilities for smart hydraulic actuators that are being used for carton forming, capping, and palletizing applications.

Rising Consumption of Containerboard Packaging to Boost Demand for Paperboard Machines

Cost, convenience, and environment sustainability are factors that determine the growing demand for containerboard. Containerboard is generally utilized on the basis of its lightweight, solid, sturdy nature when compared to the traditional bundling materials. A prominent factor that drives the demand for containerboard is e-Commerce trade. eCommerce retail sales are expected to continue to grow, owing to convenience and variety it offers to customers. Rising consumption of containerboard is expected to propel the demand for paper & paperboard machines during the forecast period. This has significant impact on the sales of motion control components.

Smart Sensors to Advance Process Controls in Paper & Paperboard Machines

In order to make the papermaking process smooth, various measurements such as consistency, flow, pH, and temperature are fed back in the process control cycle. Smart sensors can be developed and fit in order to advance the process control systems. In the era of industrial automation and control, manufacturers of precision and motion control equipment are thriving to provide their customers with instrumentation that is smarter and can provide data at level of production processes. This can lead to improved production efficiency by enhancing flexibility, quality, and productivity. Smart sensors allow self-monitoring and self-configuration of complex processes in paper & paperboard machines. Thus, smart sensors provide lucrative opportunities for the motion control component manufacturers to target the ever-expanding pulp & paper industry.

COVID-19 Allows Increased Visibility for Motion Control Components Market

COVID-19 has disrupted the supply chain of manufacturing industries, worldwide, impacting the packaging industry as well. The discontinuation of production in multiple regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia, which account for a significant usage of motion control components, has affected the market severely. However, manufactures are witnessing innovation by leveraging technology such as to repurpose production and packaging lines quickly to deal with demands for consumers.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are highly concerned about health and maintaining good hygiene practices. Therefore, to cater to the increasing demand for tissue papers and napkins, sales of fully automatic tissue making and converting machines are rapidly increasing across the globe. Besides this, paper & corrugated converting and packaging industries are also opting for automation in production lines and significantly demanding motion control components.

Need for Advanced Tissue Paper Machines Driving Motion Control Components Market

  • Tissue papers are consumer-oriented products and thus, their success depends on manufacturer’s ability to attract consumers through high product quality at optimum and right price. Therefore, manufacturers of tissue products are investing to upgrade and expand production lines, which are capable of producing large quantities at high speed and deliver premium quality tissue paper products.
  • This is expected to create opportunities for tissue machine manufacturers. For instance, Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA offers a wide variety of tissue machines such as TerraDry HC+, ProTect, and SkySoft to manufacturers, which can be customized as desired functionalities. This is expected to augment the demand for motion control components in tissue machines.
  • Adoption of new technology-based motion control components eliminates the need to constantly find alternative components, which, in turn, can reduce maintenance time for the company through improved machine conditions

High Installation & Maintenance Cost and Low Removal Values of Motion Control Components to Restrict Market Growth

  • Paper and paperboard machines are the biggest cost in a paper mill and similarly, motion control components, which are used in these machines, are capital intensive, as they control robust mechanism of applications
  • Expertise is highly required for installing these components in machines that increases the cost of installation. Moreover, during the life of machine whenever need for repair or maintenance arises, the cost incurred is high.
  • In case of duress, if the machine needs to be de-installed, applications are economically not feasible to remove and resale price is low, which can be a huge loss for manufacturers

Key Findings

  • As per product, electro-mechanical motion control components remains prominent in the global market. These are expected to create incremental opportunity of nearly US$ 100 Mn during the forecast period.
  • As application, most end users are inclining toward converting business where rewinders & slitters are mostly used. The segment is estimated to account for nearly 1/3rd of the motion control components market by the end of forecast period.
  • VRR witnessed that the motion control components are highly used in pulp & paper mills for paper machines. Therefore, by the end of 2030, these end-use industries are expected to account for around half of the market share.
  • In terms of market share, Asia Pacific is a prominent region in the global motion control components market. Expansion of specialty paper, tissue paper, containerboard, and allied converting industries are the prime factors for the rapid growth of motion control components market in Asia Pacific countries. 

Competition Landscape

The global motion control components market is anticipated to witness tough rivalry among key players. This market includes many established market participants. Besides this, many other local players are entering into this market attributing to significant revenue creation, due to the rising demand for motion control components for paper industries. Some of the key players operating in the global motion control components market are Honeywell International, Siemens AG, ABB Group, Bosch Rexroth USA, Moog Inc., Neles Corporation, KSB SE & Co. KGaA, WEG Industries, SMC Corporation, Emerson Electric Co., Power Jacks Limited., ATOS S.p.A., Tolomatic, Inc., Tasowheel Group Oy, and HAWE Hydraulik SE, among others.

The Tier structure is formulated on the basis of segmental revenue and market share of the company. As per Tier structure, Honeywell International, Siemens AG, ABB Group, and Bosch Rexroth USA are the Tier 1 players in the motion control components Market. Furthermore, Tier 2 players are Neles Corporation, KSB SE & Co. KGaA, WEG Industries, SMC Corporation, Emerson Electric Co., and other major players. Together Tier 1 & Tier 2 companies hold 1/4th of the global motion control components market share.

Market Segmentation

By Product

  • Electro-Hydraulic Products
    • Valve
      • Solenoid Proportional Valves
      • Industrial Cartridges Valves and Covers
      • Servo and Proportional Cartridges Valves
    • Radial Piston Pumps
    • Manifolds and Hydraulic Systems
  • Electro-Mechanical Products
    • Motors
      • Servo Motors
      • Linear Motors
      • Smart motors
      • Brushless DC Motors
    • Servo Drives
    • Machine and Motion Controllers
    • Actuators
    • Ball/Planetary Roller Screws
    • Position Sensors

By Application

  • Head Box
  • Calendar Rolls
  • Reel Systems
  • Rewinders & Slitters
  • Cutters
  • Core Cutters
  • Tension Controllers

By End Use

  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Corrugated Manufacturing Industries
  • Paper & Corrugated Converting and Packaging Industries

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

Scope of the Report

Vision Research Reports started a new study on the global motion control components market, providing forecast for the period of 2020-2030. In the study, growth opportunity for the motion control components market is witnessed. The report provides valuable insights, which enable readers to make winning business decisions for future growth of their businesses. The report highlights significant factors that are constantly determining the growth of the motion control components market, untapped opportunities for manufacturers, trends and developments, and other insights across various key segments. Macroeconomic factors that are directly or indirectly affecting market growth are also incorporated in the report. Here the scope of research is restricted to pulp & paper market analysis.

Key Questions

  • What will be market size for motion control components by the end of 2030?
  • What will be the impact of COVID-19 on motion control components market?
  • Which product is expected to be most preferred for motion control components? What was its market size in 2021?
  • Which region will remain most lucrative for market growth?
  • Which are the top five countries of motion control components market?
  • Which application holds maximum market share in the global motion control components market?
  • Who are major key players in the motion control components market?

Key indicators associated with the motion control components market have been calculated thoroughly in the report. The study enumerates vital market dynamics such as key drivers, challenges, and trends, along with opportunities in the global motion control components market. A comprehensive study on the value chain, which includes component suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and end users have been incorporated in the global market report. Other key aspects laid down in the market include pricing strategy of leading market players and comparative analysis of motion control components. Furthermore, forecast factors and forecast scenarios of the motion control components market have been covered in the report to understand future prospects of the market.

A comprehensive evaluation and forecast on the motion control components market are provided on the basis of product, application, end use, and region.

Y-o-Y growth comparison, volume and revenue comparison, and market share comparison of various market segments are provided in the report. The motion control components market is analyzed at both regional and country levels.

The report delivers an exhaustive assessment on the structure of the motion control components market, in tandem with a dashboard view of all leading company profiles in the report. Every company’s share analysis on market players have also been presented in the report, apart from the footprint matrix of profiled market players. The report depicts the presence of motion control components manufacturers by leveraging an intensity map. It also highlights key end users for motion control components.

Research Methodology

A realistic methodology, along with a holistic approach makes the base for sharp insights, which are provided in the motion control components market for the study evaluation period. The VRR report comprises of detailed information on growth prospects, along with riveting insights into the forecast assessment of the market.

Extensive primary and secondary researches have been employed to garner keen insights into the forecast study of the motion control components market. The report has undergone a cross-validation by in-house professionals to make the motion control components market report one-of-its-kind, with the highest credibility.

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